How to keep the flame burning

After the initial infatuation, couples fall in their routine and mundane everyday life and that’s when the spark begins to fade.
Experts say that kindness in everyday life is what makes us feel more loved, valued and appreciated.
So :
1. When you wake up in the morning, hug your loved one and say a sweet “Good morning”. This is so much better than hitting the alarm and turning on the other side grumpily. Also, research shows that 94% of the couples who wake up hugging and saying “Good morning” to each other define their relationships as excellent.

2. Always say “Thanks” when your guy takes out the garbage. There are things he does for you every day like making you a cup of coffee, rubbing your back after work and things he does for the relationship like taking the trash out or changing a light bulb. If there are benefits from his actions, you might as well thank him and make him feel appreciated.

3. Praise yourselves in public. Never hesitate to tell him he looks fab in his new jeans. There is no need for a scientific research to be made to prove that men also crave for compliments. However be careful not to embarrass him and stick to simple praises that are specific for you guy or even better – refer to his masculinity.

4. Listen to what your loved one has to say. Women are chatty and they have no trouble to make themselves heard on every occasion. However a recent research showed the surprising news that a lot of men are by nature as chatty as women are. The reason they keep quiet though is that they can’t squeeze a word in a conversation because of their babbly wives or are cut off every time they tried.

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