Ten signs he is into you

Have you just met your guy recently? He is so cute and gorgeous and sexy that you feel like spending every day with him. He is absolutely irresistible to you. But do you wonder what his feelings for you are or if he is as much into you as you are into him?

Check out these ten signs. If you score at least five out of ten then maybe you have yourself a sweetheart.

1. When he says he will phone you he actually does

If a guy cares for you he will never keep you hanging on or waiting for his call. He will actually be very eager to show you that he likes you and you can count on him.

2. He plans ahead

If he thinks up new ways to spend time together then that’s  a sure sign he wants to hang out with you more and is interested. When he has already suggested several good ideas what to do together the coming weekend and you guys are not even halfway through your dinner , then you got yourself a guy who is totally into you.

3. He listens

Is he listening to you or showing an eager interest when you talk about your day or your cat ? If he does, he likes you and he wants to know every little bit about your life.

4. He shows off

If he is into you he will want to impress you. He will talk at length about his achievements or whatever he thinks might impress you.

5. He is joking a lot

Every guy knows that if you can make her laugh then she is yours. So if he is putting effort to make you smile then you know – he is in love.

6. He takes you to a nice dinner

During your first weeks of dating every guy knows that a good way to impress a woman is to buy her a nice meal at a cozy place where you two can talk. It is a good way to show he is a good provider and thinks about the essentials in life.

7. He can’t take his eyes off you

That’s a very good sign a guy is in love but I have ranked it 7 because some mean b_ms can easily fake it and lure you in their beds. So look for signs of sincerity and true admiration in a guy’s look at you.

8. He is gentle

A guy in love would never grope or try to force a kiss. Instead he will try to create a romantic atmosphere for your first kiss.

9. He introduces you to his best friends

That’s  a good sing he wants to show off with you and that he considers  you are becoming something important in his life.

10. He talks about the Future

Talks about the future are  nightmarish for all guys. But if he is ready to talk about it with you then he is a keeper.

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