Quick advice on dating for single women

If you are single and have been single for a while – say the past year, most probably the sad fact is written all over your face and desperation is hard to curb. You have probably pretty much convinced yourself that there is no chance to find some gorgeous guy who is available, attractive and not a complete jackass. Instead of agonizing and suffering, what you should do is embrace every single opportunity that comes your way. May be that dumb asshole you just bumped into at the office is your Mr. Right. It is just that staying single for a long time and having a few bad dates in between makes us quite sour and blinds us for the right moment.

So, here is some good advice on how not to miss opportunities and keep our options open:

1. When you meet someone for the first time, smile and radiate kindness. Even if you think there is no point at smiling or being nice to this particular guy because he looks like he is not your type at all or you definitely find his hairstyle ridiculous. You never know! Keep your options open ! Later on, if you happen to meet him again he might prove to be witty and fun to talk to, or may be next time you yourself will be in a better mood to actually discover that his hairstyle is not that ridiculous after all.

2. Be confident. Staying single is not nice for sure and definitely not good for one’s self esteem. Beware and don’t let desperation betray you! Exude confidence and self-assurance. Men find confident women attractive, and of course women like confident men. Practice on looking confident but not arrogant!

3. Never talk about marriage or kids until you know the guy well. Guys have radar for women hunting for husbands and babies. You surely don’t want him to think you are just trying to secure yourself a husband. Keep away from such topics during your first  dates and try to learn something about the guy himself.

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