Ten head-spinning ideas for a fab Valentine’s day

1.       Travel to the nearest tropical island and have a dinner served on the beach at sunset. Hold hands while watching the pink sunset over the peaceful sea water.

2.       Fly in a hot air balloon over the Rocky Mountains.

3.       Rent(steal if you have to) a G6 and have a splendid flight over the Grand Canyon.

4.       Take a boat ride along Chao Phraya River in Bangkok at night. Enjoy the dinner served on board and the beautifully lit temples and hotels along the shores.

5. Spend the whole evening in a bed full of soft cushions and rose petals. Eat chocolates and cuddle until the morning.

6.       Order heart-shaped balloons, box of chocolates and a bottle of pink Moet Chandon and surprise your lover in the middle of the night just when he/she thought you forgot him/her.

7.       Pamper your lover with a two night spa vacation.

8.       Prepare a marvelous dinner at home. It could be roasted duck or grilled shark fillets. Experiment with your tastes.

9. Fly over to Paris and propose on the top of the Eiffel tower. This would be an unforgettable February 14th.

10.    Watch The English Patient in bed, spread a handful of desert sand and enjoy that extra gritty realism.

3 Responses to Ten head-spinning ideas for a fab Valentine’s day

  1. Very inspirational post! Which one is your personal choice? I vote #7 – “Pamper your lover with a two night spa vacation.”

    How about you extend the list to 14 ideas for 14th February? Here is my contribution:

    11. Invite your partner for a trip to the Carnival of Venice;

    12. Invite your partner to a dinner and make a marriage proposal;

    I hope that you are already inspirited to add two more 🙂

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  3. loveradar says:

    Hi! Thanks for reading my post 🙂 Check out my blog for some more inspiring ideas in the comming days.
    My favorite is of course #1. There is nothing more beautiful and romantic than a tropical island. #9 is my second best due to the fact that it could either make you smile on each February 14th to the end of your life or after some blissful years of happiness make you totally hate the day. If you quess what I mean 😉

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