Men In Skinny Jeans

Conan O'Brien skinny jeans

Conan O'Brien skinny jeans

When it comes to choosing Mr. Right to spend your whole life with,

can it be a guy wearing skinny jeans?

The trend is awesome and the jeans are just a killer on a tight butt, but a guy’s butt?!

Fashion nowadays is sometimes cruel.  You can never be sure what the next hot trend would be and whether it is going to fit your natural body curves.

However, you don’t have to think hard or feel doubtful when it comes to men in skinny jeans.  They have the same effect on a guy’s look as leggings would. No straight guy would be easily persuaded to put leggings on though. And it makes me think, why then,  some guys wear skinny jeans and worst of all, think they look ok in them. 😉

Russel Brand is not my type with or without his skinny jeans. But honestly, he looks ridiculous in them.

5 Responses to Men In Skinny Jeans

  1. sagemag says:

    What’s worse is guys who sag their skinny jeans!

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  4. Skinny man says:

    How about flat bottom guy, like me? Even straight cut jeans look baggy on me. Skinny jeans, however, fit and squeeze my legs well and “give me a bottom” LOL. Just because you hate it, doesn’t mean it looks ugly on people. I’d better wear my slim dress pants to casual events than wearing stupid baggy jeans, being overdressed is better than being sloppy.

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