Happy Couples’ Division of Daily Chores

There is a new book published on chores division for couples:

Spousonomics: Using economics to master love, marriage and dirty dishes by Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson

It takes economics at home and basically says that couples should not try to split chores equally. You should do what you are “relatively better” at, taking in consideration the principle of comparative advantage. This means that if you are good at washing dishes more quickly and efficiently, than that is what you should do and let your spouse take on laundry, for example.

Here is some good advice from the book on splitting chores and staying happy with it:

  1. Take a mutual decision who is better at doing what. If your husband is the better cook than leave the cooking to him. Split the chores by focusing on who has the comparative advantage in doing the dishes/laundry/cleaning etc. faster and better.
  2. Let go of perfection or at least what you consider perfection is – once you have split the chores, let your partner do it the way he/she wants. Do not re – fold or re-wash or re – arrange what he/she already did.
  3. Do not always think 50/50 is best. Sometimes 60/40 or even 90/10 works best. Keep in mind that it is important to find what works best not what you think is best.


If you what to learn more about the book and the insight it offers on the influence of economics in love and marriage click here.

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