Your mama told you to marry a doctor or a lawyer?

May be you have heard your mama telling you that doctors, lawyers etc. should be your main target if you wanted a successful marriage?

Well, it turns out mama’s advice was no good.

A recent research performed at Virginia’s Redford University reveals that these professions have an elevated divorce rate. Plus, probably you have heard a lot of jokes about doctors and nurses. The scientists produced also a list of the professions with lowest divorce rates for good girls to consider.

Here it is:

  • Media & communication equipment workers — 0% divorce rateHappy Wedding
  • Agricultural engineers — 1.78% divorce rate
  • Optometrists — 4.01% divorce rate
  • Transit and railroad police — 5.26% divorce rate
  • Clergy — 5.61% divorce rate
  • Directors of religious activity — 5.88% divorce rate
  • Sales engineers — 6.61% divorce rate
  • Nuclear engineers — 7.29% divorce rate

So girls, take out your pencil and put down the-must-go places to find a husband : church, nuclear stations, police etc.

A nuclear engineer or  an agricultural engineer might not sound like the profession of a cool and sexy guy you want to marry, but having in mind the above divorce rates you are very likely to have a diamond wedding if you choose them 🙂

Also you might want to check in the dictionary what optometrists do for a living.

If it isn’t something cool or romantic, just remind yourself that monogamy is romantic. It is key to a successful, long lasting, happy marriage.

Also, the study answers the question whether you should marry your bartender or massage therapist 😉

If you would like to see their divorce rates click here.

3 Responses to Your mama told you to marry a doctor or a lawyer?

  1. Riftstalker says:

    My mom told me to marry a dentist 🙂

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