First date don’ts

1. Don’t overdress. Whether you are going to a fancy restaurant or just for drinks, don’t overdo it. Try being casually elegant. And also, girls don’t put too much make up.

2. Don’t look like a bum. You want your possible future sweetheart to love you just the way you are? That is a wonderful thing. But don’t present yourself in your oldest pair of jeans and shirt, trying to impress her/him with your irresistible personality only.

3.Don’t be a chatterbox. Some people get so excited that they are finally on a date, they just can’t stop chattering. First dates are not just for you to present your best, but also to let you know what kind of a person you are about to get involved with.

4.Don’t get drunk . If you have decided to go to a dinner or even a lunch for your first date, don’t try to encourage yourself by drinking more wine. Getting tipsy won’t help you impress your potential partner unless you have found yourself a potential alcoholic.

5.Don’t eat like it is the last meal of your life. Of course you should enjoy the meal but if you tend to eat fast and a lot when you’re nervous, a first date is not the right time to indulge in that habit.

6.Don’t brag about your job. People bragging about their jobs on first dates are a huge turn off . Having a great job that pays loads of money is one thing – and a good thing at that,  but showing off blatantly may just be too much for the object of your affection at this early stage.

7.Don’t slander your ex . The ex is an ex for a reason. Let the ex sleep in the past peacefully and don’t mention details or ugly facts unless you’re asked.

8.Don’t ignore the bill. If you are a guy, do pay the bill on the first date. If you are a woman do suggest to pay, but only your half of the bill.

9.Don’t be rude to the waitress. If you happen to get bad service on your first date, try to come out of it by joking.  Being rude or picking up a quarrel with the staff won’t help you in any way to impress your date.

10. Don’t look at your mobile every ten minutes – it is plain rude. If you are restless or nervous play with your napkin.

and a bonus tip from my own relationship adviser:

11. Don’t say you’re going to call unless you really plan to!

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