Does she like me?

Have you ever wondered whether the girl you have been meeting for a while is into you?  Some women are shy and they rarely show openly how they feel.  However, there are some signs that show she cares.

If your are wondering whether she likes you watch out for these signals:

1. Hair flick and head toss.

This is the first one women will do when they are with a man they fancy or want to flirt with.  Hair flick showing  a ear, accompanied with the sweetest smile and look she is capable of. Playing with her hair is also a sign of interest.

2. Giggling.

This is a sure sign she likes you. All women giggle and laugh at almost every word the guy is saying to make him  feel good about himself and to show him they think he is funny. So if you feel like a complete idiot around her but she is laughing or giggling at your jokes – she is totally into you.

3. Fidgeting.

If she can’t relax or seem a little bit on edge then that’s because she likes you. She wants to look her best and impress you which could be quite stressful.

4. Talking.

That’s an easy sign to recognize but actually men seldom realize it. If she has the hots for you she will be talkative. Forget that women are shy and sometimes they don’t talk to you just because they are still uncomfortable and so in love with you they can’t find their words. No such thing. If she is talking to you not just nodding absentmindedly then she really likes you and opens up to you.

5. Eye contact.

If she looks straight in your eyes and holds your glance for a little while then that’s it – she is totally into you and you have yourself a girl.

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