Does she like me?

Have you ever wondered whether the girl you have been meeting for a while is into you?  Some women are shy and they rarely show openly how they feel.  However, there are some signs that show she cares.

If your are wondering whether she likes you watch out for these signals:

1. Hair flick and head toss.

This is the first one women will do when they are with a man they fancy or want to flirt with.  Hair flick showing  a ear, accompanied with the sweetest smile and look she is capable of. Playing with her hair is also a sign of interest.

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First date don’ts

1. Don’t overdress. Whether you are going to a fancy restaurant or just for drinks, don’t overdo it. Try being casually elegant. And also, girls don’t put too much make up.

2. Don’t look like a bum. You want your possible future sweetheart to love you just the way you are? That is a wonderful thing. But don’t present yourself in your oldest pair of jeans and shirt, trying to impress her/him with your irresistible personality only.

3.Don’t be a chatterbox. Some people get so excited that they are finally on a date, they just can’t stop chattering. First dates are not just for you to present your best, but also to let you know what kind of a person you are about to get involved with. Read more of this post

Your mama told you to marry a doctor or a lawyer?

May be you have heard your mama telling you that doctors, lawyers etc. should be your main target if you wanted a successful marriage?

Well, it turns out mama’s advice was no good.

A recent research performed at Virginia’s Redford University reveals that these professions have an elevated divorce rate. Plus, probably you have heard a lot of jokes about doctors and nurses. The scientists produced also a list of the professions with lowest divorce rates for good girls to consider. Read more of this post

Men In Skinny Jeans

Conan O'Brien skinny jeans

Conan O'Brien skinny jeans

When it comes to choosing Mr. Right to spend your whole life with,

can it be a guy wearing skinny jeans?
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Happy S.A.D day!!!

V-day is gone!

Today is February 15th – the S.A.D. (singles awareness day) day.

If you are a single woman/man – celebrate!

The balloons and chocolates are gone. All the happy, cuddling, smooching, giggling couples are out of sight too.

You have only one day of rest in the year and it is today. Relax and forget about your loneliness.

Happiness will find you soon. Especially if you care to follow some of the helpful tips and advice here. 😉  😉

Good luck to you all!

P.S. Back to the hunt first thing tomorrow!!!

Quick advice on dating for single women

If you are single and have been single for a while – say the past year, most probably the sad fact is written all over your face and desperation is hard to curb. You have probably pretty much convinced yourself that there is no chance to find some gorgeous guy who is available, attractive and not a complete jackass. Instead of agonizing and suffering, what you should do is embrace every single opportunity that comes your way. May be that dumb asshole you just bumped into at the office is your Mr. Right. It is just that staying single for a long time and having a few bad dates in between makes us quite sour and blinds us for the right moment.

So, here is some good advice on how not to miss opportunities and keep our options open:
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