First date don’ts

1. Don’t overdress. Whether you are going to a fancy restaurant or just for drinks, don’t overdo it. Try being casually elegant. And also, girls don’t put too much make up.

2. Don’t look like a bum. You want your possible future sweetheart to love you just the way you are? That is a wonderful thing. But don’t present yourself in your oldest pair of jeans and shirt, trying to impress her/him with your irresistible personality only.

3.Don’t be a chatterbox. Some people get so excited that they are finally on a date, they just can’t stop chattering. First dates are not just for you to present your best, but also to let you know what kind of a person you are about to get involved with. Read more of this post


Ten Makeup Don’ts

The line between a good makeup and a clown face sometimes is so thin, you can easily slip over. Funny thing is guys don’t fall for a girl just because she is an expert in cosmetics. Here are some useful tips to help you avoid crossing the line of good taste and stay on the “sexy” side:

1. False eye lashes

That is a major turn off for most guys. Avoid them no matter how tempting they might appear.


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Top Ten Romantic Songs

If you are planning a special dinner at home with your significant other, the following list of romantic songs will definitely contribute to making the evening unforgettable. Have a playlist ready and when everything is set for you two to sit at the table and enjoy the home-cooked dinner, just press “play”.

After all, music soothes even the savage beast 🙂

1.Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe – Barry White Read more of this post

Ten Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, three days left! For those who have not yet used any of my ten head-spinning ideas for a fabulous Valentine’s day, here are some quick and easy to get gifts for your valentine 🙂

1.A single red rose. Red roses speak love. A single red rose speaks wild passion and devotion.

2.A love poem recited over candle light.
Love poems will always touch a girl’s tender heart. Especially if you write it yourself and add some personal touch.
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Ten head-spinning ideas for a fab Valentine’s day

1.       Travel to the nearest tropical island and have a dinner served on the beach at sunset. Hold hands while watching the pink sunset over the peaceful sea water.

2.       Fly in a hot air balloon over the Rocky Mountains.

3.       Rent(steal if you have to) a G6 and have a splendid flight over the Grand Canyon.
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Ten signs he is into you

Have you just met your guy recently? He is so cute and gorgeous and sexy that you feel like spending every day with him. He is absolutely irresistible to you. But do you wonder what his feelings for you are or if he is as much into you as you are into him?

Check out these ten signs. If you score at least five out of ten then maybe you have yourself a sweetheart.

1. When he says he will phone you he actually does

If a guy cares for you he will never keep you hanging on or waiting for his call. He will actually be very eager to show you that he likes you and you can count on him.
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