Your mama told you to marry a doctor or a lawyer?

May be you have heard your mama telling you that doctors, lawyers etc. should be your main target if you wanted a successful marriage?

Well, it turns out mama’s advice was no good.

A recent research performed at Virginia’s Redford University reveals that these professions have an elevated divorce rate. Plus, probably you have heard a lot of jokes about doctors and nurses. The scientists produced also a list of the professions with lowest divorce rates for good girls to consider. Read more of this post


Happy Couples’ Division of Daily Chores

There is a new book published on chores division for couples:

Spousonomics: Using economics to master love, marriage and dirty dishes by Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson

It takes economics at home and basically says that couples should not try to split chores equally. You should do what you are “relatively better” at, taking in consideration the principle of comparative advantage. This means that if you are good at washing dishes more quickly and efficiently, than that is what you should do and let your spouse take on laundry, for example.
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Top Ten Romantic Songs

If you are planning a special dinner at home with your significant other, the following list of romantic songs will definitely contribute to making the evening unforgettable. Have a playlist ready and when everything is set for you two to sit at the table and enjoy the home-cooked dinner, just press “play”.

After all, music soothes even the savage beast 🙂

1.Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe – Barry White Read more of this post

Naked wedding ceremony?!

A diamond ring and a grand reception or a naked wedding ceremony?! Which one would you prefer?

Naked weddings are a smashing hit in China.
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